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Dec. 4 - CYGNE

Dec. 6 - Clydes on Fire

Dec. 11 - Trippin' Hardie

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Friday, Dec. 4 - 7pm


Cygne Music

Current Artist:

Liz Nance

Liz Nance Art


Kids Eat FREE after 5 pm



$1 Off all Tap Beer & House Wines



Art Opening with Free Appetizers


Current Artist:

Liz Nance


OUR SECRETS KEEP US SICK artwork by Liz Nance
Liz is from a time and place in Georgia where women did what they were told and held back tears to hold families together. It didn't take her long to realize that just wasn't her. Born with a pencil in her hand and a song in her heart she left behind the idea that you can't talk about the skeletons in the closet. Instead she started painting the truth and writing to expose the darkness in the form of song. 
Liz's mother killed herself in November 2010, since then Liz has been committed to bringing awareness to suicide, depression, and the importance of not repressing the truth. November is suicide awareness month and each year she has used that month to share her story and her therapeutic artwork with others. 
"By opening up and telling our story we make ourselves vulnerable and allow others to do the same. An entry in my mother's journal reads, "Our secrets keep us sick." She was painfully right."  -Liz Nance

City Lights Cafe & Espresso Bar, Sylva, NC
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